Jim McGowan - Four Fellows

These photos include Jim's early days as a ballplayer and singer but the remaining photos show the achievements in his life after he lost the use of his legs.   

jimbaseball.jpg (86931 bytes) Jim as a sandlot player in 1948.  Photo taken on Hancock Street in Brooklyn.
fellowstrinidad.jpg (219705 bytes) The Four Fellows appearing at the Trinidad club in NYC.
fellowsapollo.jpg (74788 bytes) The Four Fellows at the Apollo Theatre.
fellowspic1.jpg (39520 bytes) Jim and the Original Four Fellows appearing for the last time at UGHA concert in 1979.
jimball.jpg (22260 bytes) Basketball game at Norristown State Hospital Gym in 1970.  Jim was 38 at the time.
jimguitar.jpg (25069 bytes) Jim performing at the Fox Hollow Folk Festival in Petersburg, NY, August 1969.
jimplane.jpg (97753 bytes) Jim training as a sailplane pilot at the Soaring Society of America on Phoenix, AZ. in 1981.
jimsky.jpg (23981 bytes) In 1981, Jim became one of the first paraplegics to sky dive.  Jim made 16 jumps this one being in Lakeland , FL.  Jim is in the red suit.  His instructor is Alcee Richardson who was the leader of the U.S. Army Green Beret Jump Team.
jimsky2.jpg (32731 bytes) Jim after first sky dive May 13, 1981.
jimtemple.jpg (259610 bytes) Jim appearing at Temple University main campus in 1986 to announce his attempt to swim the English Channel.
jimswim.jpg (41253 bytes) No this is not from a science fiction moving!  This is Jim preparing to swim the English Channel, September, 1986 at Dover England.
jimchannel.jpg (57672 bytes) Jim entering the waters of the English Channel.
inquirerpage.jpg (273180 bytes) Special article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, September 30, 1986, detailing Jim's courageous attempt to swim the channel.
jimaward2.jpg (11255 bytes) Jim receiving the Sol Feinstone Award at Temple University.  Mr. Feinstone is presenting award to Jim with University President Marvin Wachman standing behind Jim.
jimphillyaward.jpg (122106 bytes) Jim receiving citation from Joe Coleman, president of Philadelphia City Council - October 1986.
jimswim2.jpg (78793 bytes) Jim training to swim the English Channel.  Cover photo for Positive Approach Magazine, April 1986.